Navigating your path

Navigating your path

Hey OM Family!

Sometimes we might feel confused about our true path in life.

There is so much “noise” out there telling us how to live and what success looks like.

The reality is, you weren’t meant to spend your life pleasing other people or worrying about others’ opinions. Usually, these kinds of efforts are thankless, fruitless, and exhausting.

Life is meant to be joyful, not drudgery!

Now, to clarify, I’m not saying living your life in service to others, to raise the vibration of the world around you, is a bad thing. A life of service is noble! Like being a healer, a teacher, an author, or involved in some vocation that goes beyond generating profits (even though business owners and entrepreneurs are some of the best lightworkers I know!).

There are some simple ways I’ll outline here that can help you to figure out which path you are on, or living a version of life that others’ may approve of but does not fulfill you. Remember though, you cant take a wrong path. We are here on this earth to learn, grown, evolve and experience life in all its beauty.

Get quiet. Meditate and learn to listen to that still, small voice inside that tells you the truth about yourself. Prayer is another way to accomplish this, and puts you in direct communication with Source, who lovingly created you. Ask for guidance, and you will receive it.

Try new things. Do you have a longed-for wish to be fulfilled that you mistakenly think is beyond your reach? It’s not! It’s all in your perception. Take that class, write that book, and broaden your horizons. There are no limits except the ones you impose on yourself.

Spend time with friends. No one knows you better than your true tribe. Talk to them and bounce ideas off them. They can provide observations you might not have thought of.

Notice your reluctance. Are you living someone else's version of “your best life?” Maybe you are at a job you dislike, but the money and status are what everyone (maybe even your family) tells you makes you successful. If your job is the pits, find something that brings you joy, even if the pay is less.

To put it in perspective, consider this fable…

There’s an old story about a young man who longed to be a veterinarian even as a young child. His love for animals was deep and profound. But his parents wouldn’t hear of it — they would only pay for his college education if he became a doctor or a lawyer.

So the young man went to law school and excelled at his profession. But he had a secret… almost every day before work, he would feel (and sometimes become) physically ill before the workday began. Doctors could find nothing wrong with him, and yet he continued to suffer this way for years.

One day, in his early 40s, the man quit his job as a lawyer and enrolled in veterinarian school. He graduated in a few years with honors, opened his own practice, and thrived. And being ill every day before work? Once he made the decision to quit living a false life, he never experienced it again.

Source (or God if you prefer) created you as a magnificent, unique Divine being and spiritual work of art. You weren’t meant to trudge through life just worried about paying taxes, pleasing the masses and being generally miserable.

You were meant to shine. So go shine!

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In light & love,


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