Remote Healing Sessions Now Available

You’ve asked for it… you envisioned it… and now you’ve manifested it!

I’m now pleased to offer Remote Healing Sessions! To empower you, enlighten you, and help reintegrate the parts of you - physical and spiritual - that may feel broken.

These sessions are the best of both worlds, offering needed healing and ultimate convenience.

All you need to do is book your session here then provide your email, age, and up to two issues you’d like addressed. 

Depending on the guidance I receive from Spirit, I may only be able to resolve one issue at a time. I will schedule a time for your healing and remotely record it. After I am finished, you will receive your recorded healing session via the email you provided.  

Book your Remote Healing Session now

Do you still have questions regarding Michelle’s healings? We offer free 15 minute consultations with Jenn. She will explain the process and answer any questions you may have.

I will access your energy working with my spiritual team and intuition on the particular issues you requested.

Most commonly, people report feeling warmth, waves of energy, tingling sensations, deep feelings of relaxation, peace, lightness, clarity and a release of burdens. Others may feel tired and emotional. This is all part of the healing and clearing process. Simply allow the feelings to come up, diffuse, and softly melt away.

During our session, I will be in a slightly altered state of consciousness, connecting with the spirit world, receiving guidance from Spirit, and moving in and out of trance.

Everything in the spirit world is alive, intelligent, sentient and communicative. I will inform you on what I am seeing, experiencing and accessing. In some instances, messages from your angels, spirit guides, or loved ones who have passed are often revealed.

Healing session are done remotely. Meaning, I will record your session, then you will receive an email from Wetransfer with your healing.

Many people know remote healing sessions work, but it’s hard to understand how. Scientifically it makes perfect sense, but to the human mind, it’s still a magical phenomenon.

Quantum physicists believe that because of the negative time space flow, a frequency realm exists outside of conventional time and space. Past, present, and future exist simultaneously but in different vibrational time frames. Remote healing works by accessing those frequencies. Consciousness in the astral realm (past present and future) can be viewed at the same time. Since energy transcends location, time and space, and is not restricted by our three-dimensional reality, intuitive energy practitioners can tune into those wavelengths and gather information that we cannot perceive with our normal senses.
Just like the Internet is a worldwide web of communication, we are all interconnected through filaments of energy, which connects every single thing in the universe (E=mc2). Remote healing sessions simply access an individual’s subtle energy body and connect directly with pure consciousness. Time and distance are not a barrier. Life force energy flows through and around us. Once you connect with this powerful energy stream, healing, happiness, and wellbeing can manifest. It is at this level that there is no separation, we are all one.

Results from a session vary from person to person depending on what was addressed. I have clients that feel a difference within an hour, while others take a week or longer. Some experience an overwhelming sensation of calm and peace. Others might feel tired, have a case of the yawns or feel emotional. This is all normal and part of your body releasing energy. It takes time to process changes and everyone is different.
I recommend drinking lots of water, rest, and plenty of fresh air after a session. This helps the energy release and integrate.

The amount of sessions needed depends on what you want to accomplish and this varies from person to person. Our energetic bodies are like an onion. Once you peel the first layer off, the second layer can sometimes appear. We are a constant work in progress, but always finding places of joy that we never knew existed!

Adults, children, babies, animals and

Your privacy and confidentiality are
maintained at all times. Anything you share with me is held completely sacred.

Your participation as my client is imperative, as intention plays an enormous role in the efficacy of a healing. You must be willing to disengage from blockages and past pain, or I can be of little service. But if you’re willing, a healing can engage and catalyze the spiritual and self-healing capacities of the body that are often overlooked or pushed aside by traditional therapies and modern medicine.

During an OM energy clearing session, I am going through a list of over 44 items that I clear for you, everyone living in the home, your land, home, aura of the home and any animals. During a remote healing session, you are asking me to look at a specific issue and or/block that is affecting your life.