I just wanted to give a shout out and share one my latest experience with signing up with Michelle and using the OM Clearing. Usually when I have family company I work myself up with so many expectations and worry which means I am unable to enjoy the family time. This time I planned ahead and signed up with Michelle, and I’m here to say WOW what a difference. Every day just flowed , no arguments or disagreements and there was laughter and LOVE. So I will be signing up again for the Holidays coming up, because what is more important in these crazy times than finding those feelings of love for our families. ❤️
"OM is a wonderful addition of cleansing and protecting myself, my family and my home. The days feel brighter, clearer and more graceful and for me there is a sense of...All is well in the World. I am very blessed to have found Michelle. Her work is purely magical. ❤️🙏🏼 With light and love."
"Michelle worked on my two boys, ages 16 and 12 (in addition to myself and our salty bird-but that's another testimonial!). These two had a strong dynamic of discord. Regardless of what one says to the other, the reaction is abrasive and unproductive. First she addressed my oldest, after two days he was much more pleasant and approachable. It was the first time in a very long time that he was markedly content. He even apologized to his brother, which never happens. The younger one was having serious struggles completing work for school. Not focused, not interested, annoyed, etc. He is homeschooled due to bullying. After his healings, literally the next day he completed 25 lessons. The boys will still argue, of course, but the relationship is not as raw. It's made all the difference for our house. We love Michelle and are so grateful for her!"
”Michelle has a truly miraculous gift. I have worked with many healers along my life journey and I have never met anyone as talented and profoundly intuitive as Michelle Harmon. Her impact on my life has been extraordinary. I've called her many times for help ranging from pain to overwhelming anxiety or the need for clarity in my business and personal relationships. The simple act of calling to express my question or concern is enough for her to tune into my energy and deliver extraordinary insights. She instantly reveals unhealed wounds, karmic patterns and unresolved matters from my past lives, recent past and current state. It is impossible for her to know all of the intimate details that she does. She has selflessly mastered her divine gift to help others. From the moment she tunes in and begins the discovery, a prescription of powerful healing comes to her. I have never felt such lasting inner peace and resolution of my issues before. I've learned so much about myself. Her work is a miracle in my life and a true asset for anyone's success."
"Michelle is one of the most gifted healing practitioners I have known. After just one energy healing session with Michelle, I was amazed at how much lighter and more connected I felt. Michelle has such a compassionate and authentic presence that I immediately felt safe and comfortable with her. My initial treatment concerns related to feeling blocked in several areas that were causing a lot of self-doubt and lack of motivation. Michelle was able to delve deep into the energetic root of issues that have persisted for years, and with the permission of my own higher self, these dense energy patterns seemed to simply dissolve. The additional intuitive insights Michelle provided were so helpful for me to gain awareness of how the patterns initially developed. From that deeper understanding, I was able to make choices that support the maintenance of that higher energy vibration. I have continued to trust Michelle to assist me on my healing journey through several additional sessions. Each session has been unique to my current circumstances, though all resulted in increased personal awareness and a stronger sense of empowerment. I am so grateful for the healing support and mentorship Michelle has offered to me when I needed it most. I highly recommend Michelle to anyone who desires to achieve a greater sense of balance and life purpose and is ready to release stagnant energy, outdated core beliefs, or self-sabotaging patterns. Her bright light is a much needed gift to this world!"
"Michelle's insights and energetic healing is simply amazing. Her intuitive gifts are profound. After my first session, I felt so much better and had clarity on the mission I had before me. Thanks Michelle!"
"Michelle is quite simply one of the most gifted healers I know. Her compassionate nature combined with her exemplary skill in the field is extraordinary. In my sessions with her I have been amazed at the accuracy and the immediacy of how her gift manifests and her joy in it. She expresses deep knowing with a thoroughness that is rare. Michelle navigates energy and issues with skill and grace and she does so with kindness, compassion and tenacity. The result is a lightness of being. I feel freer, more expansive, happier and clearer while feeling blessed to be released from whatever has held me back. Know you are in excellent hands with her and I trust that her gift is Divinely aligned. This allows her to illuminate what needs to be seen and to know exactly how to approach it to clear it. I have the highest regard for her and recommend her with all of my heart."
“Over the past decade I have sought out many types of spiritual, emotional healing and clearing. Michelle worked remotely on me and my family. I was completely awestruck at her accuracy and ability to pinpoint some of the wounds and core beliefs I was operating out of and the time frames of development. Without her having any information as to my current internal state, life events or emotional status she was spot on. I felt a deep sense of calm immediately following her session and clearing. Michelle is very spiritually gifted and she is someone I trust her wholeheartedly with my own emotional and spiritual healing as well as my family. All who experience her healing gifts will be truly blessed.”
"I have been working with Michelle for over 20 years in the healing and transformational arts. I have witnessed Michelle manifest the life of her wildest dreams. She has moved impossible mountains for herself, me personally and others open enough to accept her gifts. She herself is such a blessed gift. Her knowledge and healing capacity coupled with the warmest heart, loving sincerity and dynamic energy creates new worlds for all who say yes to and for themselves. Michelle creates magic wherever she goes and she just radiates joy. Hang on for the most blessed transformations that come through her."
"Michelle is one of the most beautiful, wise, gifted souls I've ever known. She has the ability to tune into your energy and clean up anything that's not serving you. She then replaces that stagnant, dense energy with new fresh clear energy so that you feel completely renewed afterward. I felt amazing after just one distant healing session with Michelle and would highly recommend her. I'm looking forward to seeing what manifests in my life now that I have a new point of attraction. She is known for her ability to manifest miraculous things. Fast. She is an absolute treasure and I'm so happy to have her in my life."
"Working with Michelle opened my eyes and my energy to great healing. I booked a session with Michelle to address a nagging long-term IT Band injury. Michelle told me that I had a trauma that happened to me at age 8, one of mistrust. At the time of our session, I could not remember anything significant that happened at that age. Michelle released it and my body started to heal, my IT band issue was gone and I could see a change in how my overall energy felt. Less than a week later, I had a distant family member, with whom I had lost touch with for over 20 years reach out to me. In reminiscing, we talked about a summer that she came to live with me and my family. My older sibling, being a typical older sibling, convinced me that this family member was coming to stay with us because my family was going to put me up for adoption. I was devastated. Of course, when my parents learned of the sibling teasing, they quickly reassured me that was not going to happen but in my 8 year old mind, I just didn't trust them. In sharing this story, we discovered I was 8 years old when this happened. I know the work that Michelle did brought this family member back into my life by releasing my past trauma, as well as healing my IT band."
"Michelle Harmon has been a close friend of mine for over 20 years. I am so happy she pursued her dream and passion in energy healing to help others. She has an amazing gift. When I reached out to Michelle, I was having panic attacks and severe anxiety. Immediately after my session, I could breathe easier and more clearly. She was able to clear many energy blocks and past childhood traumas from earlier in life. My sessions with Michelle leave me with a deep sense of calmness in my day to day life."
"Since the COVID19 stay at home order was put in place, I had been having a lot of trouble sleeping. I felt so much dread. I suspected it was past life issues, but I was unsure as to what to do about it. My session with Michelle helped SO much!! She helped me cleanse and release things in my soul memory. After our session, I slept through the night for the first time in over a month! She also found other things that needed to be cleared. She was spot on about things I had forgotten all about. I highly recommend a session with Michelle!"
"I have known and worked with Michelle for 6 years. In that time, I have seen here go through some tough things. Her experience with life has made her compassionate and understanding to other people's emotional needs. I have witnessed her helping others with energy work and she really gets to the emotions and beliefs that need to be cleared and changed. She has developed her gifts over the past few years and has greatly increased in ability and sensitivity. I highly recommend Michelle as an intuitive gifted energy therapist!"
"I have known Michelle for a few years. This woman cares… she truly cares about the well-being of others and wants to help those who are willing to seek out her help. I have been working with her over the past month on energy work. She has helped me release negative energy, as well as keep my focus on my future and not my past. With doing this, I am sleeping better, and overall feel less stressed. Things that used to bother me don't have as strong of an effect on me. She is truly amazing at what she does and is able to do for others. It is no coincidence that Michelle and I met. I will be a long-time client of hers."
"I have worked with Michelle for years on various issues in my life, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically. Michelle has helped me in so many ways I cannot even express. She has the ability and intuition to really understand and look inside of what’s going on. I was adopted at 6 months, and brought over to the United States into a loving family. I always knew between birth and 6 months there were some emotions that were experienced, but never knew how to tap into dealing with them.. Michelle helped me uncover and release certain emotions that were felt, that subconsciously were held onto during that time period. To find these answers so I could heal is something indescribable for me. I have felt something was missing and uncertain my whole life. Michelle helped open my eyes and heal me. I cannot tell you how much better my daily life is. She has this sense of calming, helping and caring about her that no one I have met has. She truly cares for people and wants to help. The most selfless person I’ve ever met. Thank you for helping me Michelle. You have changed my life! Now I can heal and look at things differently where I once looked at with negativity or fear."
"Michelle is an amazing healer. She was able to help me release a lot of things that were weighing me down in my life. I didn't even realize how heavy they were. The next day I literally felt like a new person. This experience has changed my life for the better. I am so grateful and I recommend her services to anyone."
"Michelle worked on my two boys, ages 16 and 12 (in addition to myself and our salty bird-but that's another testimonial!). These two had a strong dynamic of discord. Regardless of what one says to the other, the reaction is abrasive and unproductive. First she addressed my oldest, after two days he was much more pleasant and approachable. It was the first time in a very long time that he was markedly content. He even apologized to his brother- unsolicited (?!) which never happens. The younger one was having serious struggles completing work for school. Not focused, not interested, annoyed, etc. He is homeschooled due to bullying. After his healings, literally the next day he completed 25 lessons. The boys will still argue, of course, but the relationship is not as raw. It's made all the difference for our house. We love Michelle and are so grateful for her!"
"Michelle is authentic, grounded and delightful. She was able to help me heal a physical issue I had been dealing with for years. She pinpointed an exact age that a trauma occurred when I was a young child. Since the healing, I have been pain free. I highly recommend Michelle for anyone looking for personal and spiritual growth."
"I have known Michelle for quite a few years now, and immediately when I met her, I was drawn to her loving energy and bright light. Staying close with her during this journey to expand her gift to others has been beautiful. My session with Michelle was so enlightening and emotional. Physically my hands and neck had been bothering me. Michelle pinpointed events in my life that closed and tightened me physically, making me realize these moments weren't just moments, but made a huge impact on trauma in my life. My session left me in tears, releasing entities that lived in me causing physical pain. A few hours after my session, I felt clear and light. She even spoke of my spirit guide which drew me closer to him and my center-self. I highly recommend Michelle. She is a true blessing and her gift is from above!"
"Michelle really does have a gift and is amazing at what she does. She went above and beyond my expectations and made me feel very comfortable with the process. She was able to accurately target many of my physical and emotional ailments at different ages in detail and opened my eyes to a lot of things that were negatively contributing to my health. I have a complex physical issue that doctors have abandoned me with so I was a bit hesitant to try this but now I'm so glad I worked with her. She definitely has a passion for helping people and is exceptionally intuitive. I could even feel her energy work as I felt a cold and soothing energy spread throughout my body while she was doing remote healing. I highly recommend her to anyone in need of healing of any kind."
“Are you feeling lost, confused, or need a huge spiritual hug and some healing? Michelle is such an earth angel and will help guide you through uncertainty or confusion to get you on your path for your highest good. I remember feeling so nervous the first phone call, but within minutes I felt like we had been friends forever.”
“Michelle is so amazing! I did not fully understand her gifts at first, but I am a true believer. I had some things that had been preoccupying me and after I met with her, all my worries disappeared completely like I was floating with confidence. She possesses amazing gifts and is extremely considerate and generous. She is inspired to selflessly help people. I have zero doubts in her ability and am so grateful she has blessed me with her gifts!”
“By recommendation of my fiancé, I had a session with Michelle. I was willing to try anything once, but I am a skeptic by nature. If it sounds too good to be true, you must prove it to me before I buy into it. Indeed she did. I have had several sessions now... through her I was able to speak to my deceased father. He was able to communicate with me only things that i would know and no possible way Michelle could ever know. I got actual goosebumps. Secondly, we were dealing with a very serious toxic mold issue in our home. My fiance was having severe health issues as a result. We were in fact planning to remediate and were in the process of moving and getting rid of everything we owned. We initially had a professional mold test come back with high levels of black mold (aspergillus strains) amongst many more. During our session Michelle mentioned she could "energetically" clear the mold out of our home... I did not even think it was possible as she proceeded to clear it over the phone during a session. I couldn't in good faith just believe it was gone, so I ordered another professional mold test to be done to compare. It was completely gone! Science proved it. One of the biggest miracles I have seen. I am convinced and a believer that Michelle has true gifts of the supernatural.”
“Michelle is a GIFT for authentic healing (mind, body and soul) I have spent over a decade looking for ways to "heal" my chronic physical conditions and free my soul from subconscious blocks. I have experienced many energy sessions previous to Michelle but none as POWERFUL and life altering as hers. I feel so much lighter, full of light and free to live my most purposeful life. She has given me my vital force back to live my best life. I've seen beautiful peace come over my 12 year old son who battles ADHD and autistic spectrum issues in literally one session. The best decision I have ever made was calling on Michelle. I am eternally grateful.”
“Michelle is absolutely amazing!!! She helped me release blocks in my path, past life curses that followed me into this life. She balanced my chakras, removed harmful frequencies and attachments from my being. She reminded me of how truly blessed and special I am. She is such a blessed healer and I feel so lucky to have been referred to her, and to have her as my healer now! I’m so excited to move forward and see the world with fresh new eyes! Thank you so much Michelle. Wishing you all the love, happiness, light, and blessings! You have truly helped me so much!” Lindsay “Healing is a journey, a process of slowly peeling back layers. In my quest to continue this journey of health & wholeness I was blessed to be introduced to Michele. Reaching greater depths of healing has been amazing. She is a beautiful, kind, gentle soul with a warrior's ability to help her clients. She is a gift to those seeking greater healing and wholeness.”
“I have been to several energy workers, always face to face. Because of Covid I did my first session over the phone with Michelle. It was amazing. I could feel her working on me the whole hour. I was afraid it would go slow and we’d run out of things to say. The hour went by so fast she worked so hard the entire time. Everything she said and did was so spot on. I absolutely loved my session and can’t wait for my next one. Thanks Michelle for opening my 💗 again.”
"I felt like my small family just couldn’t meet his constant need for attention. After working with Michelle my puppy became so calm and all ‘unnecessary’ barking has subsided. We seem to be giving enough attention to him now and I really don’t see a need to rehome him any longer! I’m so happy!”