I was honored to be in the final issue of Radiance Magazine!

I was honored to be in the final issue of Radiance Magazine!

Hey OM Family!

You may not have heard, but I was honored to be in the final issue of Radiance Magazine!

Radiance has been a leading metaphysical publication for the last 15 years, and they asked me to tell my story and grace their final cover. I was elated to oblige, and to hopefully reach those who maybe don’t know me or my unique spiritual offerings.

During the interview, we dove deep and talked about how I came to discover my gifts at an early age. Translate this to… “What do you mean? Not everyone sees their special angel?” (chuckle)

In some respects, trying to describe the way I work or how things are presented to me can be a little daunting, only because words seem inadequate. Such as looking at each client’s energetic grid, where I’m able to pinpoint where their past trauma is located. Like a data field of a metaphysical history, that appears very scientific yet is supernatural in nature.

It was even enlightening for me during the interview process… because to be totally transparent, I don’t really think about how I work, I just enter an altered state as I clear the bad energy away. I send my earthly ego aside — literally — and become a vessel for Spirit to do the healing that needs done.

The results reported from my clients makes everything I do so worthwhile. Because one thing about energy work, it can take a lot out of me. But to know someone is on their right path, or feels more whole, or is now pursuing their dreams because of a spiritual healing… Well, there are no words to describe my gratitude and fulfillment.

In addition to the remote energy healings I perform for clients, we also talked about OM Energy Clearing subscriptions, which helps people stay free from low vibration and chaotic frequencies disturbing their personal energy fields. 

The results from an OM subscription can be life-changing… in the most positive of ways.

If you’d like to check out the article, you can find the link here.

In light & love,


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