Meet Michelle Harmon

I knew as a young girl I had a gift. I could tap into others’ emotions easily, as well as their thoughts. I have vivid memories of Angels coming to me, guiding and protecting me. I got married in my early 20’s and had two beautiful children. A few years later, my marriage ended, and I found myself a single mother for 11 years. I was fortunate enough to have an amazing job at Hewlett-Packard for almost 15 years. I continued to have a close connection to my “team,” as I call them, and with their help and guidance, I have truly built the life of my dreams.

Since retiring from Corporate America, I have been able to help hundreds of people throughout the US using my healing abilities. Through my life experiences, I can relate to my clients’ traumas. Be it physical, emotional, spiritual or mental, as I have likely been down the same road. You are a unique, highly intelligent expression of the Universe. During my sessions, I enter an altered state of consciousness, I work with my spirit guides and they direct the healing. I have a very unique gift of pinpointing an exact age that a trauma occurred. After we release this trauma, the real magic starts.

We are here on this earth to live a happy and joyful experience, no matter what we have gone through. My intention is to help you rid your body of unbalances. This leaves you fully empowered, whole and open for miracles to appear!