Calibration Daily Subscription
Calibration Daily Subscription

Calibration Daily Subscription

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To maintain your highest level of “spiritual hygiene”… and feelings of divine calm, peace and joy all year long, you can also receive daily energy clearings. Like fine-tuning an already exceptional musical instrument, Calibration will help raise your aura’s vibration to the highest levels and even give you a sense of euphoric lightness – like you can do anything! 

Negative energies, thoughtforms, and parasitic entities of all types will be cleared and a protective, loving bubble of spiritual protection will surround you. Daily clearings is for those who wish to accelerate their growth by removing any unseen hindrances, to be in full alignment with their Divine purpose. 


When you subscribe to Calibration Daily OM Energy Clearing, you’ll receive an entire collection of OM essentials including an exquisite hand-carved wooden box, an “Essence of Heaven” OM Smudge Stick, an uplifting Palo Santo stick, a serenity-loving Selenite Crystal, a sacred-space-creating Essence of OM Energy Clearing Spray, and a very special birthday gift – hand chosen Chakra stones wrapped in a luxurious, black velvet bag.

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