Ascension Weekly Subscription

Ascension Weekly Subscription

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Ascension literally takes your spiritual harmony and sacred balance to the next level.

I will perform the same energy clearing and healing rituals I do for Awakening, just on a weekly basis instead of monthly. It’s a wonderful way to maintain a steady feeling of uninterrupted peace and a sense of wellbeing, no matter what is happening around you.


 When you subscribe to Ascension Weekly OM Energy Clearing, you’ll receive even more wonderful gifts, to truly create that “sacred space” of peace, love, and harmony – so your environment matches the “zen” energy within you. With this package, you receive an “Essence of Heaven” OM Smudge Stick, an uplifting Palo Santo stick, and a serenity-loving Selenite Crystal.

If you prefer energy clearing without burning anything, you can also choose an Essence of OM Energy Clearing Spray – with holy notes of frankincense, myrrh, and other mystical aromas.

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