Remote Healing Session

Remote Healing Session

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For over a decade, I've helped heal many issues that my clients were convinced would burden them the rest of their lives. My true gift is helping pin-point exact ages when a disconnect occurred and releasing limiting beliefs and emotions on a spiritual, psychic, soul, DNA, genetic, and core level.

I also help with: *Karmic cord cutting *Negative energy release *Past life regression *Karmic contract release *Aura and Meridian balance *Chakra clearing and balancing *Childhood trauma *Forgiveness *Fear and phobia healing *Sabotage release *Connecting with your guides, angels and loved ones who have passed on.

These sessions are the best of both worlds, offering needed healing and ultimate convenience.

All you need to do is book your session then provide your email, age, and up to two issues you’d like addressed. 

Depending on the guidance I receive from Spirit, I may only be able to resolve one issue at a time. I will schedule a time for your healing and remotely record it. After I am finished, you will receive your recorded healing session via the email you provided.  

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