You Are A Multidimensional Divine Being

You Are A Multidimensional Divine Being

Hey OM Family!

Have you ever been in a situation where someone disrespected you, or made you feel small?

Like you weren’t good enough, strong enough, talented enough, pretty enough, or just…

Not enough, period.

The truth is, we have all had those moments.

And as painful as they are…

If we don’t process them and let them go, those moments turn into feelings of being “permanently less than.” 

And very heavy baggage for us to tote around.

It’s during life’s moments of feeling downtrodden that we discover what we’re really made of…

And what you are made of is pure magic.

You are literally stardust, animated by an eternal soul.

You are a Multidimensional Divine Being, capable of great and wonderful things.

You are Spiritual and Intergalactic Royalty.

And you are more than enough, always.

So the next time you find yourself in a situation where someone is trying to make you feel “less than”...

Simply pick up your crown, plant it firmly on your head, and walk away. 

Cut the cords of negative encounters and move on — check out my free video on how to do this quickly and easily.

Protect your energy and don’t waste it engaging with others who, for whatever reason, do not see your immeasurable worth.

You, as an individual, were designed by the same Divine Source who shaped the Earth and Stars. 

Remember that.

In light & love,


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