Why Ouija Boards Can Be a Risky Game to Play

Why Ouija Boards Can Be a Risky Game to Play

Why Ouija Boards Can Be a Risky Game to Play

In the spirit realm, there is so much love and light. The unseen world (by most people until they pass over) is full of unfathomable forgiveness, grace, and possibilities. And, it is our true home.

Our connection to the other side is an ingrained deep longing, firmly rooted in our souls. And, to try and reach out to loved ones who have crossed over, or just to satisfy our curiosity, we may seek out what we in the spiritual community refer to as “divination tools.”

One of the most popular of these “otherworldly instruments” is the famous ouija board. An old fashioned parlor game from years past, ouija boards may look innocent enough but can harbor dark possibilities when used without knowledge or hazy intentions.

When you engage with a ouija board, you can create a portal to the other side. But it may not be your loving Grandmother or Aunt Sue who steps through. There are negative entities in the spirit world, who function at a low (and sometimes very low) vibration. And their intentions are not to bring messages of comfort or love, but to create chaos and manifest their dark energy on unsuspecting people.

And, once a manifestation of a negative entity has occurred, it can be difficult to remove them yourself. Disposing of the ouija board after a portal has been opened will not end a haunting. And burning a ouija board can increase an entity’s power, so that’s never a good idea.

Negative energies can vary in type, vibration levels, and abilities to harm. Playing indiscriminately with ouija boards is like leaving your home’s front door wide open as you sleep at night. You wouldn’t take such a risk with your own or your family’s safety, right? Well, the principle works the same in the spirit realm.

If you are longing to connect with an aspect of your spiritual side - whether it be your life’s purpose, past life regression, or to hear from a loved one who’s transitioned, it’s best to seek the help of a qualified psychic medium or intuitive who is trained to help people with these endeavors. This way, you can get answers to your deeply personal questions, while protecting yourself from negative energy.

It’s okay to enjoy ouija boards - just in scary movies. ;) 

In light & love,


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