When You're High-Vibin' and encounter grumpy curmudgeons

When You're High-Vibin' and encounter grumpy curmudgeons

Hey OM Family!

Have you ever been in a great mood, felt radiating love and goodwill for all…

And then encountered people who seemed like a bunch of grumpy curmudgeons?

It could be outright rudeness, or just apathetic dismissal, but it stings just the same, especially if you’re putting good energy out there.

Because we naturally believe that if we are vibrating at a high frequency, everyone will gravitate to us and reciprocate our heartfelt intentions.

It should be one big love-fest, right?

Remember, we are in charge of how WE feel no matter who we encounter. 

So when you around a Debbie Downer, Negative Nelly, or cantankerous Karen…

What you have to realize is that how others respond to you usually doesn’t have a whole lot to do with you.

Most people are too focused on their own issues to take much notice of the energy around them. From self-worth, to marriage, family, or work problems… they are too mired in their own muck to bask in your high-vibin’ rays of unconditional love and acceptance.

And that’s okay.

Dita Von Teese has a great saying for this kind of scenario: 

“You can be the ripest, juiciest peach in the world, and there’s still somebody who’s going to hate peaches.”

The point is, shine your light no matter who sees or responds to it. Because this is your life and your journey to take, and you’re not doing it for the approval of others. You’re here to fulfill your own destiny and make your own special brand of magic.  

So shine on, you crazy diamond! 

Your brilliance and flash is meant to help light up a tired world, regardless of who receives the rays.

In light & love,


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