January 2021 Newsletter

January 2021 Newsletter

Hey OM Family,

We’re all glad to see 2020 drag its raggedy rear end out the front door, right? And while we can definitely breathe somewhat of a sigh of relief, don’t get too comfortable, because the major shift that happened during the Great Conjunction will keep unfolding as we enter this highly anticipated new year.

The overall good news? Despite 2021 beginning with a bang, positive changes are on the horizon for all zodiac signs. The key is to be aware of planetary changes, alignments, and journeys that can influence society and you as an individual. When you have the right information, you can navigate even choppy astrological waters with grace.

The first thing to be aware of are the three periods of Mercury Retrograde during 2021. Each Retrograde lasts about 3-4 weeks and can cause delays, communication snafus, and general mishaps in any venture you undertake. Best to be productive during non-Retrograde periods, although preparations are fine. Just don’t “pull the trigger” on major life decisions (such as relocation, new job, etc.) during moody Mercury’s predictable mayhem.

Mercury Retrogrades for 2021:

January 30 – February 21

May 29 – June 22

September 27 – October 23

For this first month of the new year, things are looking up, especially for the first half.

January 1, Mercury in Capricorn sextile (60 degrees) from Venus in Pisces heightens your intuition and puts your mental clarity into overdrive. You know exactly where you are going and are determined to get there.

On January 4, you may feel the urge to get ahead of yourself with enthusiastic but unrealistic ideals, which could lead to scattered strategies and inflated expectations. Take a breath, get yourself organized, and pare down your to-do list. You’ll accomplish things without overwhelm.

January 11 Jupiter is sextile to Chiron, intensifying our awakened state. We desire to expand our understanding of the world and our thirst for knowledge feels unquenchable.

The 13th brings a New Moon and with it, burgeoning possibilities. Moon’s alignment with Pluto will encourage organization, structure and working boundaries. Harness this energy to tackle your task lists intelligently.

January 14 shows Uranus turning direct, ending its retrograde and invoking a rebellious, pioneering spirit to move mountains! This change will also inspire you to trust yourself again, listen to your instincts, and embrace non-conformity.

On the 20th, your spirit of “Carpe Diem” may begin to wane as Saturn squares Neptune and procrastination takes over. Try to prioritize important to-do’s so your feelings of mild burn out don’t become a full-on flame.

Hold on to your hats, because close behind is that squirrely Full Moon on the 28th. You may have the gumption to do something bold or even risqué but the fallout isn’t worth it – because remember mischief-making Mercury is hot on our tails as we lead up to full Mercury Retrograde two days later, which will last until February 20th.

So, make the most of the renewed, positive energy at the beginning of the month and ride that wave as it crescendos mid-January. If you do, you’ll already have a jumpstart on the things you wish to manifest.


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