Transform Body Shame into Self Love

Transform Body Shame into Self Love

Hey OM Family,

Have you ever stared in the mirror, maybe in the buff, and heard that little voice in your head pointing out all your flaws?

Maybe it’s a little extra weight… or a scar from a recent surgery… or the lines of age we all get if we’re lucky to live long enough.

The truth is, perfection in the physical sense is a total illusion. Our souls are truly perfect, and our bodies are perfectly imperfect – meant to be vehicles as well as experiential teaching tools as we traverse the physical plane and grow in love and wisdom.

Along the way, due to societal conditioning, toxic family dynamics, bullying, and other destructive environments or behaviors, we can pick up negative outlooks when it comes to our physical bodies. We can even have lingering feelings of dissatisfaction left over from a previous lifetime, if it’s part of our karmic path.

Cycles of shame, depression, and self-loathing rooted in the past can paralyze our motivation to move forward in life and fulfill our destinies.

You must understand that anything hurtful – verbal or otherwise – you experienced as it relates to your body isn’t based on truth. It’s based on the broken pieces of people you’ve interacted with – from parents or other family members, teachers, peers, co-workers, or even intimate partners.

The anguish of others becomes a burden to them, whether they are conscious of it or not. One way people afflicted with trauma try to cope with pain is projection – to switch attention from their own wounds to someone else – so their broken parts won’t be the focus, and they can hide from their suffering.

What results is a false belief that you and your body are not “good enough”… that you aren’t exactly the way God created you for a special purpose. Because you are a Divine Masterpiece, no matter whatever “flaws” you might think you possess.

During the 9th step of my OM Energy Clearing process, I replace any feelings of shame, hurt, or unworthiness with boundless joy, confidence, and being wrapped in God’s infinite love. Because when you have an overflowing cup of self-acceptance and priceless worth, you naturally share that gift with others.

You can feel good about yourself. Using affirmations, meditations and prayer, and through OM Energy Clearing. Find out more about the different kinds of OM here.


In light and love,


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