This New Year, Forget Goals. Set Intentions Instead!

Have you ever heard the old saying, “There is no there, there?”

It basically means that your heart’s desire doesn’t exist out there somewhere out of reach; but that all of the tools, talent, and magic needed to achieve your loftiest dreams are already within you.

And one of the most effective tools for attaining those dreams?

Setting intentions.

Unlike goals, which require a feeling of “something to fix,” intentions connect deeply with your heart, mind, and soul. And that electrifies your powers of manifestation in a way nothing else can.

To help illustrate the difference between goals and intentions, here is a simple example:

Goal: I want to make over six figures in 2021…

Intention: Financial prosperity and boundless abundance are divinely promised to me, and are  already within me to claim!

To help you set your intentions for 2021, I have created a simple 3-step process:

1. Find a calm space where you can meditate uninterrupted for at least 15 minutes. Dive deep, incorporating breath work or anything else you can do to quiet your mind and just “be.” This will help you to hear your heart’s deepest desires. (Have a notebook and pen ready)

Now ask yourself with openness and truth…

What do I really want?

From or for myself, such as a career change, greater financial abundance, a healthier body?

What kinds of relationships do I want to improve or manifest? A love or life partner? Better relationships with my spouse, parents, children, or co-workers?

And perhaps the most important question…

What is the ONE thing I want to do in 2021, that I have been afraid to do?

2. When you feel the answers begin to flow through you, change each statement into a letter of gratitude to the Universe, (God, Source energy, whoever is your higher power) thanking Spirit for bringing you your heart’s desires.

Here’s a brief example:

“Thank you, Universe, for my overflowing financial resources and for giving me the ability to share this gift with others. My bank account is always growing, rapidly and effortlessly. And, thank you for all the amazing fun I have with wonderful and loyal friends that love me endlessly.”

3. Lastly, meditate for at least a few minutes each day. Read your letter of gratitude to Spirit aloud with gusto! The vibrations of this exercise become a magnet for even more abundance to be grateful for, and are most effective when practiced upon waking or before bed.

When you read your letter of gratitude, feel it deep in your core. Know that it’s already come to fruition in your life. Be that person you know yourself to be, with your blessings already raining down on you from above. Be, act and feel in this dimension of your desires. Remember that everything starts energetically before it can be fully realized in your experience. You MUST FEEL the way you want to feel before you see it activated in your reality.

Stay tuned for an upcoming blog post where I tell you exactly how I discovered this technique and how it helped my dreams come true!

Even more exciting, I am writing a course on understanding energy and manifesting. You do not want to miss it! Coming soon.

I wish you all the success, joy, peace, love, and light for 2021!


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