The World is Shifting… That’s Why I’m Here to Help

The World is Shifting… That’s Why I’m Here to Help

Welcome to Michelle Harmon Energy!

Hi, I’m Michelle Harmon, and I’d like to welcome you to my brand new website, and the debut of Michelle Harmon Energy.

First, I’d like to talk a little about the world, my calling, and why I think the work I do is so important at this particular time in history.

You probably can sense that our planet is going through a major (and at times, stressful and possibly frightening) shift. We are dealing with so many issues right now of both a global and societal nature, and it can deeply affect our own personal sense of wellbeing, wholeness, and balance.

This planetary shift is why I am so excited to heed my calling of helping to heal humanity at this time. Just like the tectonic plates deep within the Earth, millions of people have awakened to their own evolution, both individually and collectively. However, just as with any monumental change, much of it (as we are all experiencing) can be more than just a bit uncomfortable.

These developments have been a long time coming. As a Spiritual Practitioner, I’ve watched over the years how humanity was once focused on outward health and balance, and has now more purposefully aligned to a more soul vibrational focus. The collective energy of this shift can feel intense, and at times, overwhelming.As a Healer and Teacher, it’s my gift and my purpose to help bridge the divide between mind, body, and spirit so all aspects of a person are working together in divine harmony. When individuals are balanced this way, the vibration of the planet is raised, as well.

The good news is that you can benefit from this shift and be a part of the planetary healing taking place. It’s my goal to guide you through your own spiritual journey, help you to remove the unseen obstacles holding you back from realizing your true potential, and create a “ripple effect” of upward vibrational healing that resonates throughout the universe.

Coming up on my next blog… my specific spiritual gifts and how they work. Stay tuned!



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