Take a big deep breath, because 2020 is almost over!

Take a big deep breath, because 2020 is almost over!

Hey OM Family,

November was pretty intense, and December is bringing some interesting changes as well.

You may have felt the urge to relax your verbal “filter” around December 1 thanks to moody Mercury entering exuberant and bluntly honest Sagittarius. Hopefully, if you did “come clean” with someone, you got your point across without losing much tact!

We are just now entering the most important phase of this month because December 14 marks the New Moon Eclipse in Sagittarius, opening a portal for new beginnings (time to get on those goals!).

December 15 lovely Venus enters Sagittarius, and Chiron turns direct in Aries, making emotional truths imperative to face and to speak, no matter how uncomfortable. Just be mindful in how you communicate what you need to.

On the 17th, Saturn enters Aquarius, inviting you to simplify your life, declutter things and focus only on what matters most. I call this, the beauty of saying no (with love, of course). We aren’t meant to do “all the things” but just a few things with great love and purpose.

On December 19 we have a big lead in to the Winter Solstice with giant Jupiter entering Aquarius. This alignment will invite you to expand your mind and consciousness for this exciting shift that’s about to begin, and will mark a profound planetary change.

On a happy note, the Winter Solstice is also the darkest day of the year, meaning that from this time on, the days will once again be getting longer! Thank goodness, right?

Then, on December 21st, we will have arrived at the actual Solstice and The Great Conjunction, where we will be experiencing a seismic shift from an Earth Kingdom to an Air Kingdom. Happening only once every 200 years, this will bring about societal consciousness evolutions and more community based solutions to problems, such as the way it was when neighbors helped neighbors. This is truly the New Age of “We the People” and it will be a grand thing to see unfold!

To end the roller coaster ride of 2020, we have a full moon in Cancer on the 29th, prompting us to reconnect with those we care for the most on a soul level. 

2021 will be the start of a new era – and remember we are all co-creators in that effort. You can bring about the most positive changes for yourself and others by practicing mindfulness with your energy and those around you. If you’d like help understanding this, please visit my OM subscription page to find out more.


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