Synchronize “Intimate” Psychic Energies

Synchronize “Intimate” Psychic Energies

Hey OM Family,

Have you ever been in an intimate encounter with your partner and felt like you weren’t “all there?”

Not because you didn’t love your partner or want to be in that situation, but something just wasn’t synching up right?

This is more common than you think, and much of it can have to do with the synergy between your sexual organs, heart, and mind. Like your hormones are all in, saying “yeah!” but your heart and mind are adrift, somewhere else?

It could be that the distinct psychic energies between your sexual organs, heart, and mind are vibrating on different frequencies, and somehow can’t “vibe” together. Your heart may have an emotional blockage rooted in trauma or an inability to love yourself; your mind may be stressed out by all your obligations and can’t fully engage in an intimate encounter.

Because sex is important, albeit it’s just one aspect of life, but a pretty big component – especially between partners – when there’s an obstacle to intimacy, it can cause friction in your relationship. Sex brings us closer to our partner and is a great release – which in turn helps us to be better and fully present in every other relationship we have.

In my 27th step of the OM Energy Clearing process, I put all 3 distinct players in a successful sexual encounter – sex organs, heart, and mind – on the same frequency so you feel whole, present, and joyful during the experience.

It’s a delicate subject, but we all have a sex life. There’s nothing forbidden about wanting to have a fulfilling one, and OM can be a part of getting you there. Better sex may just be a “vibe” away!

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Sending you light and love,


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