Spinning in the right direction

Spinning in the right direction

Hey OM Family,

I have a question for you.

Have you ever over-indulged when it comes to adult beverages? 

In other words, when we’ve imbibed too much alcohol, we feel like the “good time” has gone too far – our self-control, focus, and judgement are dulled if not totally out the door, and our normal “filters” with it.

In contrast, when we are well-rested, refreshed, and light on our feet, we have clarity and a sense of purpose like never before. Our brain is in hyperdrive mode, but in a positive, productive way, not a drug-induced, false manic way.

And in today’s stressed-out, 24/7 world, many people in pursuit of focus and clarity will try and achieve it through chemical manipulation, which is not biologically beneficial to your brain.

Just like the Earth on her axis, our brains have a correct direction to spin. If your mind is off-track, you can feel scattered, confused, and a total inability to focus.

For example: have you ever seen those silly Facebook posts with the dancer that “spins” in a certain direction, according to your perception? And that by concentrating, you can change her direction? It’s just a visual illusion, but it isn’t as easy to accomplish as one might think.

Our minds are one of our most powerful tools in this life, and so much is intertwined with having a healthy mind – our personality, intelligence, relationships, and our cognitive abilities. Our mind is like the conductor of our journey through this physical life – but there are hidden realities of how our minds function that when we know about them and optimize them, our lives can be so much better.

Like more mornings where we start the day with a crystal-clear focus of our mission for that day.

It’s such a good feeling, right?

Well, part of that is making sure your brain is spinning the way it’s supposed to – like the dancer in the silly Facebook post. Spin in the wrong direction, and you may feel like you’re swimming against the current. It’s better to move with your natural urges, than to fight them.

With my 20th step of OM, I’m able to reset your mind’s spinning direction so that you feel incredibly lucid and that anything is possible.

If you’d like more information on what this actually means, please contact me for a free 15 minute session where I can explain how OM Energy Clearing works, and what level of subscription may work best for you!

Sending you light and love,


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