Scrambling EMF Frequencies

Scrambling EMF Frequencies

Hey OM Family,

In the technologically advanced age we live in, it’s likely you’ve heard about EMFs, which stands for Electromagnetic Fields.

EMFs can be natural or man-made, and consist of the unseen waves and frequencies of electrical charges. A natural example would be the electrical charge created by a thunderstorm, and an artificial example would be EMFs emitted from your phone, TV, or microwave.

Natural EMFs are not harmful to you. In fact, have you ever experienced a feeling of euphoria after a strong rain or thunder clap? It’s because of the negative ions generated by these natural EMFs which help “recharge” your cells in the best ways possible. 

Remember, your physical body is like a battery in and of itself. Negative ions from the natural environment impart a healthy electric charge to help your cells feel renewed, refreshed, and energized. Like a deep, uninterrupted, restful night’s sleep.

Alternatively, man-made EMFs can be harmful to your health. 5G, computers, tablets, x-rays, and medical radiation devices can create an “EMF fog” and affect our physical bodies and energy fields as well – lowering our vibration which can make us more vulnerable to dis-ease.

During my 23rd step of the OM Energy Field Clearing process, I can tap into the harmful EMF frequencies and “scramble” them – kind of like a garbled or staticky radio signal – rendering them harmless. Then, I raise these scrambled EMF frequencies to a vibration of love, prosperity, and happiness. 

The result? You’ll feel “electric” in the very best way – energized, invigorated, and with a sense of mental clarity you may not have felt in a long time. 

Ready to get recharged? Explore the different levels of OM here, or contact me to schedule a 15 minute OM discovery call so I can help you pick just the right subscription.

Sending you light and love,


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