Restore emotions of desire

Restore emotions of desire

Hey OM Family,

We all have a more complicated past than even we might be aware of. Especially when it comes to matters of sexual intimacy.

Some of us may have experienced abuse, trauma, or carry resentment from a relationship that soured. Whatever the case involving your unique past, you carry the aftermath of those experiences and store them in your physical body, primarily in your sacral chakra. (For more info on all your chakras and how they affect your health, you can see my recent blog post here).

This groin-area chakra is where sexual desire emanates from, and negative emotions or experiences can reduce or even erase your longing for sexual connection, even if your relationship with your partner is healthy in every other aspect.

This lack of desire can manifest itself in apathy, frigidity, and resultant arguments about lost connection with our partners. You may want to reach out and rediscover the joys of lovemaking, but something inside blocks you from doing so – fear of being hurt, fear of rejection, or just fear associated with sex, period.

While it is important to note that we as human beings will all have different appetites for sex, with some individuals being highly sexual and others not as much. Source always meant for us to embrace ourselves, in part, as sexual beings. Healthy sexuality can be expressed in many ways (we won’t get into that here, for obvious reasons) but you innately know when your relationship with your sexual self is off balance.

It’s also imperative to recognize that we are Divine Beings having a physical experience, not the other way around. Sexual desire or lack thereof is just an aspect of our overall being, and can have many causes and moving parts. 

However, during my 26th step of OM Energy Clearing, I can remove psychic debris, trauma remnants, and echoes from past hurts affecting your sexual desire. The result is a new awakening to rediscover healthy sexual connection with yourself or a partner, to bring you joy and the orgasmic bliss you may be missing out on.

Healthy sexual expression can help reduce stress levels and make us happier people. Source wants this for us, even if our existence on this physical plane is transitory. Find out which OM subscription fits you best here, or contact me for a free OM discovery call. You can get your sexy back! 😉

Sending you light and love,


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