Repel Negative Energies Affecting your health

Repel Negative Energies Affecting your health

Hey OM Family,

Just like there are a spectrum of different physically caused medical ailments, there are a plethora of spiritual energies that can affect your health. 

Negative thoughtforms, inhuman or displaced human earth-bound spirits, elemental (nature-based) energy, 5G or EMFs, or even our subconscious mind can create obstacles to creating optimal health.

You have to remember that there’s layers of reality and different dimensions all around us. Just because we may not be able to see something doesn’t negate it being very real. Depending on our awareness and openness to absorb these potentially hazardous energies, we may suffer anything from aches and pains, heart problems, anxiety, depression, or even something more serious.

And while I will say unequivocally that you should always rely on sound medical advice from a doctor whom you trust, medical interventions won’t fix a problem that’s spiritual in nature. Anything I do on a spiritual level is meant to complement professional medical help, not work against it, however. As a medium and spiritual practitioner, this is something I strongly believe in.

And like many medical afflictions, illnesses with a spiritual or psychic root usually begin as something rather small and then fester into a bigger problem. That’s why my 25th step of OM Energy Clearing is so critical. No matter the kind of energy that’s trying to harm your physical being, I’m able to instantly recognize it and clear it away before it becomes something unmanageable.

Your energy field is sacred and has boundaries. We aren’t meant to hold the door open for any kind of entity desiring unlawful entry, trying to waltz into our energy fields like an unwelcome houseguest. We are Divine Beings worthy of protection and sovereign over our spiritual and physical bodies. OM gives you this protection!

To explore the kinds of OM subscriptions available to you, visit this page or contact me for a free OM discovery call. Having peace and clarity about your physical wellness from a spiritual perspective is just a click or call away.

Sending you light and love,


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