Removing soul attachments

Removing soul attachments

Hey OM Family,

Have you ever had an annoying neighbor or acquaintance make a habit of the dreaded “pop in?”

You know, ringing your doorbell unannounced, just to chat your ear off when you don’t have time or randomly invite you to a social gathering you’d rather not attend?

We’ve all had these experiences – and while they are irritating to say the least in the physical, they are just as troubling in the spiritual.

That’s why today I’m going to talk about the 10th step of my OM Energy Clearing process, Removing Soul Attachments & Unwelcome Visitors.

We all form attachments in life. From the time we’re born, we are connecting with other people to learn, grow, and thrive as best we can on this physical plane. Not all attachments, however, are altogether positive. 

On the soul level, we may have people who are currently disincarnated (without a physical body – existing only in conscious spirit) who attach to us for various reasons. This could be someone close to you who’s passed on, or even an earthbound spirit who has encountered you somehow and attached themselves to you because you remind them of themselves, someone they loved, or in some way provide solace.

If you are a “sensitive” or someone who is open to sensing spirit or energies around you, this is more likely to happen as you appear as a beacon to those wandering on the spiritual plane. Kind of like a “lighthouse for lost souls” even though no soul is ever truly lost, just confused while figuring out their journey.

The other side of the coin comes in the form of low-vibration energies that have more negative intentions that stray souls seeking comfort. There are nefarious entities of various origin and types that can invade our spiritual space and cause mayhem simply because they can, and they are hardwired to do so.

During my OM Energy Clearing process, I’m able to tap into your energy field, identify the interloping energies, and remove them along with their ability to hinder you in creating your best life. With regular OM Energy Clearings, you won’t worry about anyone inhabiting your space except YOU, which is your birthright.

Would you like the peace of mind knowing your energy is free of spiritual “clutter?” Find out more about OM and see which subscription level works best for you.



In light and love,


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