Removing Psychic Attacks & Dark Morphic Fields

Removing Psychic Attacks & Dark Morphic Fields

Hey OM Family,

When most people think of the words “psychic attack” they may picture a dark figure conjuring spells, summoning negative entities to cause harm to those they dislike. 

While this scene might work for the movies, it’s not usually the way these kinds of hurtful thought forms manifest in reality. 

Psychic attacks could be directed at you unintentionally, by someone who consciously wishes you no ill will, but the pain they are experiencing gets directed at you simply for being in their path.

There are other psychic attacks that can happen that are deliberate. While certainly more rare,  low-vibration people with bad intentions motivated by negative emotions like revenge, rage or jealousy can direct their thoughts and energy like invisible daggers. 

A passing thought will usually not result in any real harm; but repeated, directional psychic attacks may be felt and cause disruptions in your life. This can be even more troublesome if it involves people who ascribe to the black arts and participate in harmful spell casting. 

There’s also a secondary element to removing these kinds of directed (unconscious or conscious) spears of negative energy and thought forms.

As dark energies have grown and evolved (not in their vibration, but their consciousness) they have become the mirror image of light energies experiencing the same phenomenon. We call this “yin and yang” of energetic bodies or “morphic fields.” 

In the 36th step of OM, I remove all psychic attacks and negative morphic fields invading your sacred energy space — like fishing out a fly from your glass of Chardonnay — and returning these attacks (after neutralizing them) from whence they came. The truth is there is no real battle between dark and light, because dark is merely the absence of light.

By removing and repelling these dark energies, you’ll feel peaceful and protected as you go about your day. To find out how you can feel protected from these kinds of icky energies all the time, go to my OM subscription page or schedule a 15 minute OM discovery call with me.

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