Removing Negative Karmic Influences

Hello OM Family,

In this latest OM Blog post, I am going to cover the third step I take in each OM Energy Clearing Session: removing negative karmic influences from culture, religion, or past lives.

For many people, heritage is a source of deep love and a sense of pride. Tracing your roots and embracing your family’s traditions can feel like home, giving you a source of strength and familiarity through holidays, food, language, and celebrations.

For others, however, past toxic cultural or religious influences, irrespective of race of creed, can cause trauma in the present. Any text, belief, or practice not firmly based in love or light can fall into this category, and the injury suffered can be from this life or from a life already lived. 

The Earth is our physical home, and can be a place of staggering beauty and peace. Yet, it can also bring pain and suffering. Ultimately, we choose to come here for a brief time to evolve and raise our soul’s infinite vibration. While difficult, it is those defining moments of anguish that we rediscover who we really are, and why we came here. As we evolve through those moments, we can create karmic cords of trauma that remain until energetically severed.

When I clear your energy fields of negative cultural, religious, or past life karmic ties, I’m not removing the lesson, but leftover karmic debris that hangs in the air like a bad stench. I take away anything karmic in your immediate ethereal body that clouds your perception of your true self, and banish the imprint of any evil done to you through these means.

It is your right as a Divine Spark, a soul on an important journey of meaning and impact, to fulfill the purpose you chose before you incarnated. Without the burden of the “toxic soup” of cultural and religious negative karma, you are set free to do just that.

In my next OM blog, I’ll talk about how I remove your hidden beliefs of self-sabotage, freeing your mind from cyclical binds of thwarted potential.

Are you ready to experience the kind of peace you just read about? Please see my OM Energy Clearing subscription page to learn more and see if OM might be the right fit for you.


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