Remove Bad Energy From Your Environment

Remove Bad Energy From Your Environment

Hey OM Family,

Have you ever been in an unfamiliar space and felt full of anxiety?

It could be an office, a home, or even a vehicle.

Your gut instinct telling you there’s “bad juju” in the air isn’t lying to you. Because the truth is, there could be negative energy attached to something within that area.

It could be from former owners of an object, a traumatic event associated with a certain item, or even a death involving an antique. Whatever the reason, it’s important to know that psychic cords can grip tightly to things that have unresolved issues.

The popular movie “The Sixth Sense” has a scene that describes this phenomenon. 

The wife of Bruce Willis’ character, Anna, works in an antiquities shop in Philadelphia. A couple comes to the shop looking for an engagement ring. An Edwardian sapphire catches their eye, and Anna proceeds to tell a story of a woman who may have owned the ring long ago… a woman who loved a man she couldn’t marry. The romance and longing the woman felt for her lover is probably still attached to the ring — or so the story goes.

While the above example doesn’t exactly illustrate purely negative energy, but perhaps feelings that are more about sadness and loss, you probably understand the point.

All kinds of objects — new or old — are infused with the thoughts and feelings of those who possess them. When these objects leave their care, and go to someone else, the energy of those thoughts and feelings are still there, and if associated with something dark, can linger and cause trouble.

During my 37th step of OM, I remove any bad energy from your home or immediate environment — including your house, furniture, decor, or vehicles. This keeps your energy field unpolluted from these negative influences so you can live at your highest vibration.

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