Release low vibrational emotions

Release low vibrational emotions

Hey OM Family,

The Earth can be a wonderful place full of beauty, kindness, and love. It’s also a rough and tumble classroom in which we learn some hard lessons – and achieve accelerated soul growth.

When we are born, we are a proverbial blank slate. The possibilities of life are limitless. As we grow, however, we become influenced by societal conditioning, dysfunctional family dynamics, peer pressures, and our own internal spiritual “debris” leftover from previous incarnations.

The result is low vibration emotions taking root in our psyches, and developing negative patterns behaviorally and socially that can hinder our ability to fulfill our true destinies.

Emotions like fear, pride, anger, apathy, greed and guilt are not the feelings that come from Source. Rather, they are the result of your current life conditioning that you’ve internalized. 

All emotions, even negative ones, carry important lessons. But just like the tides of the sea, they are meant to ebb and flow, and not make permanent residence in our precious energy fields.

During the 15th step of my OM Energy Clearing Process, I release these negative emotions and replace them with ancient etheric wisdom, and help restore peace, calm, and confidence. These are the emotions gifted to us by Source, and reflect our true natures.

If you’d like to feel more peace and calm, free of the cloudiness of negative emotions, consider making an OM subscription part of your self-care regimen.

Sending you light and love,


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