Reintegrating Soul Shards

Reintegrating Soul Shards

Hey OM Family,

A writer friend of mine is working on a supernatural thriller about a “ghost” that’s actually a Soul Shard, or fragment if you will, of a living person who experienced trauma.

And while the story she’s working on might be fiction…

The concept is a very real one for many people who are survivors of abuse.

You see, when we are younger and go through horrific experiences, our souls can be so traumatized that they can “break off” and exist independently of the larger soul in another dimension. 

This is a type of defense mechanism that attempts to thwart the entire Soul Body from experiencing any lasting impact of terror. This is sometimes documented in the stories of survivors when they talk about leaving their bodies during times of abuse.

In Native American Shamanic practices, reintegrating Soul Shards to their main source is something they have practiced for eons. Because trauma doesn’t just affect us psychologically; it can be deeply spiritually wounding as well.

The good news is, during my 31st step in the OM Energy Field Clearing process, I call out to any Soul Shards that need reintegration – kinding of like a Divine healing call to come home. 

Most people don’t even realize their souls may have been shattered – like a mirror –  into more than a few pieces… they just feel that something significant to their being is definitely missing.

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