Putting you on the right frequency

Putting you on the right frequency

Hey OM Family!

Back in the old days, we didn’t have satellite radio. 

It was AM or FM, and if you were on a road trip, you might not get your favorite station for longer than about 100 miles out.

You might hear a hit song for a few minutes, but as you drove further away, it got scratchy and you had to turn the dial for the next clear signal.

Just like your car’s radio, you have an ideal frequency too. It permeates and resonates from your soul, mind, and body like a sound wave with a unique signature.

And if you’re in a job, relationship, or family situation that doesn’t feel quite right, it might be because it’s not vibing with your frequency.

When we’re “in tune,” we feel whole, focused, and unstoppable in the very best way. We are authentically ourselves without apology, and we are unleashed to do the work we agreed to – our-purpose – before we incarnated here.

So, if you’re feeling “out of sync” it doesn’t mean you need to adjust your attitude, or try and force yourself to feel a kinship with something that honestly isn’t there. It isn’t “all in your head” either.

Our bodies are instruments of Source, and our heartbeats are percussion for a Divine song of unconditional love. But we can only strike the right chord and play in perfect harmony if our bodily frequency matches our spiritual one.

In the 19th step of my OM Energy Clearing process, I am able to put you on the right frequency for your life’s purpose. Doing so can help clear away the mental clutter and spiritual debris littering your path and blocking your connection with why you came here.

Imagine… how would it feel to finally be “in tune” with yourself and your destiny? To explore OM and how it can benefit you with monthly, weekly, or daily Energy Clearings, feel free to schedule a free 15 minute Q & A call with me. Or, you can find the different OM subscription levels here.

Sending you light and love,


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