Optimize Body Flow for Healing

Optimize Body Flow for Healing

Hey OM Family,

During the course of our lifetimes, chances are we will all need some help from traditional medicine, in addition to alternative healing modalities.

Regular visits to your family doctor are important for self-care, and can help keep you healthy for years to come. 

I believe that all types of medicine from Western, to Chinese, Ayurvedic, Shamanic, and many other holistic therapies work together for good. This includes prescription medication to help manage certain conditions, whether temporary or chronic.

If your lifeforce energy flow (called “chi”) is getting blocked along the normal chakral pathways it travels, it may affect your body’s ability to fully utilize the medicine your doctor prescribes for you. This can mean you might not feel your best, or a worsening of a medical condition your medicine is meant to treat.

During my 40th step of OM Energy Clearing, I optimize your body flow of “chi” to create an ideal environment for your meds to work the way they were intended — to help you feel better and heal or at least manage whatever condition ails you.

Just like any spiritual healing practice, OM is meant to complement everything you already do to create and maintain vibrant health… which includes meditation or prayer, drinking plenty of water, eating nourishing food, getting fresh air and exercise, and seeing your doctor regularly.

Remember, every healthful discipline is meant to work in harmony with one another, for your highest good.

To discover more about OM, visit the subscription page or schedule a brief discovery call with me to find out what kind of subscription suits you best. I’m here to help you!

In love and light,


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