Opening Access Field to Divine Helpers

Opening Access Field to Divine Helpers

Hey OM Family!

For those of us who are spiritually awake and aware… and regardless of our particular creed or faith… most of us have appealed to Heaven for intercession or help.

Whether it was a prayer to help an ailing loved one, to heal a relationship, or for discernment in a difficult decision you had to make… when our own worldly wisdom falls short, we seek our answers from Source.

This world can be a painful place to learn our lessons and evolve. It’s part of our human experience to struggle, overcome, and transcend our third-dimensional understanding of life’s trials.

And the good news? We will always receive assistance when we ask for it. It might not be exactly in the form we imagined, but it will be given with our greatest good in mind.

You might not realize it, but you have spiritual guidance available to you at every moment. You are never truly alone in your sadness, despair, or frustration.

A “Divine Dream Team” is ready and willing to help you navigate your life on this earthly plane, to intervene on your behalf, and to give you messages of the infinite Love that Source has for you.

You have been assigned Spirit Guides, Divine Helpers (which may be ancestors or members of your “soul family”), Star Families, Angels and Archangels whose greatest desire is to help you along your earthly path and fulfill your soul’s chosen purpose.

These unseen forces for good is why I consider my final step of the OM Energy Clearing process so powerful. In this 43rd step, I open access fields to this “Divine Dream Team” for the clearest, most direct path to their highest vibrational and healing frequencies. 

This clearing results in eliminating any “spiritual static” like you might get during a cell phone call with poor reception. You will have a clear, optimal connection directly to your Dream Team, with no interference.

Would you like to feel this kind of clarity and calm almost all the time? Then I’d encourage you to explore the different subscription levels of OM here. If you aren’t sure which level might be right for you, you can schedule a free, 15 minute discovery call with me here.

To see what other OM subscribers have to say about their experiences, please see their video testimonials here.

In light and love,


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