OM Energy clearing step 7

OM Energy clearing step 7

Hey OM Family,

I bet you’ve read your horoscope from time to time. Or, you might take astrology a little more in depth and chart your course based on the kind of ethereal energy that’s in store for you, based on planetary alignments.

Many of my clients have used astrology to successfully launch a business, sell a home, or make some other big life decision. And while I wouldn’t tell you to worry about how the heavens affect every choice you make big or small, I know that astrological influences can play a big part in affecting our energy fields.

Case in point: Mercury Retrograde, anyone? How many times have you had plans fall through, experience unexplained tension in a relationship, or feel like you needed a martini during your lunch break on a stressful day? Chances are, at least once or twice it was this planetary trickster causing undue mayhem.

That’s why the 7th step I go through in each OM Energy Clearing session is so important – neutralizing astrological vibrations that are not beneficial to your overall wellbeing.

Whether it’s a full moon, or moody Mercury in Retrograde trying to trip up your well laid plans, I pluck the detrimental planetary “ripples” that can bombard you causing anger, confusion, or feelings of overwhelm. 

The result is that despite whichever member of the Milky Way is traversing through your sun sign, the effects you feel are minimized and you can experience peace, calm, and a better sense of control.

With regular OM Energy Clearings, you won’t need to worry about celestial mischief hampering your day to day life. You’ll enjoy stargazing purely for enjoyment, because you know you have an ally in your energy field.

To learn more about how OM Energy Clearings can be your “guardian from the galaxy” please visit my OM subscription page!


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