Neutralize Negative Ancestral Ripple Effects

Neutralize Negative Ancestral Ripple Effects

Hey OM Family,

Have you ever skipped stones across a still lake? Or dropped a pebble in a pond? 

You may recall noticing the ripple effect from that – a small object creating a wave of echoes that increased in size as they moved away from the original action.

Now think of this from the perspective of an ancestor of yours from generations back. We know that everything we do, whether for good or ill, creates a chain reaction of events that can harm or heal. 

If one of your ancestors did something nefarious, or was of a particularly bad character, the ripple effect of their actions could be wreaking havoc on your life today, through no fault of your own.

It could be a great-great grandfather who stole money from someone… creating financial instability for you… or a distant, many times over great grandmother who schemed against a family member in an evil way, making some of your modern-day family relationships nearly impossible to manage due to this toxic, age-old burden unfairly placed on you.

It could also be a sin far worse than those mentioned above. 

Because when negative acts are committed, it creates a tear in the time/space continuum, as in a reverberating echo – is passed along the ancestral bloodline until the cords are cut.

And, whatever the dirty deed committed by some past relative, it’s probably a story you don’t even know about, but affects your life just the same. This is why my 22nd step of the OM Energy Clearing process can be so freeing for you.

In this step, I’m able to neutralize all negative ancestral ripple effects, basically canceling a debt you consciously never owed. The truth is, whatever acts your ancestor committed are theirs alone to own and pay for, not yours. This could take them several lifetimes; but again, it’s not your action to own.

I replace these dark lineage legacies with fortitude and good luck, and return the negative energy back to its source. You’ll feel lighter, brighter, and without any weird ties to a past that doesn’t belong to you.

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Sending you light and love,


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