My Spiritual Gifts and How They Work

As a “sensitive” one of the many things people ask me is, “So, what kind of psychic/medium/healer are you?”

Before I get into that, let me say that we all have our own unique spiritual gifts. Most people considered to have psychic abilities, however, have a seemingly greater awareness of their extra-sensory perceptions, and can develop skills for greater control over them.

In my own case, I consider myself to have multiple gifts, including energy clearing, empathic reading, and mediumship – otherwise known as the ability to receive messages from people who have transitioned to the other side.

I hold an ethereal, vibrational connection that runs from our seen and unseen Universe straight to the center of Earth – our chosen physical plane where we currently reside.  

You could say I’ve got a strong sense of “sonic radar”… akin to large ships traveling across the ocean and using something similar to chart a successful course. For channeled insights I receive that come from both the Earth and a person’s physical body, as well as the emotional and spiritual self, I’m able to read all of these insights separately as well as a whole.

Once these messages become clear to me, I’m able to harmonize them through my energy field, much like a tuning fork is used to get that pitch-perfect sound from a delicate musical instrument. I function like a conduit, plugging into my etheric field and branching into the etheric field of another. In other words, I channel vibrational energies and receive communication, tailored just for the person I’m reading at that given time. 

It may seem counterintuitive, but in reality, every cell, thought, and impulse within the body is designed to work in concert with spiritual energies. We know this naturally and instinctively when we are young, but over time, the communication can become blocked. This creates disharmony (and in some cases, dis-ease) within the physical body, interrupting someone’s true purpose with pain, suffering, and confusion.

I am able to send healing frequencies to another person, to reorganize dysfunctional patterns and to move energies along that aren’t in the best interest of that individual. I also receive a variety of suggestions from my Angels and Guides as to natural earth elements, food, supplements, or therapies that would encourage optimal vibration needed in the body. 

My spiritual philosophy is we are multidimensional beings. We have an inner spirit, a mental body, emotional body, a vital and physical body. Illness (physical, mental, emotional or spiritual) can start when there is disharmony in one of these energy bodies. Our bodies are living archives, storing thoughts, energetic patterns, emotions, memories and belief systems from every experience we have had in our journey thus far, as well as past life imprints. If we don’t harmonize by removing blocked energy, then it can negatively affect our health in every aspect. 

The true nature of reality, and of every human being, is like that of an onion. You peel away the layers and find more and more layers underneath. It’s a journey of discovery, and I can assure you that we are never given any problem for which there isn’t an answer that can help heal us.



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