How You Can Have That “Just Cleared” Feeling All the Time

You know that feeling you get after your house gets a thorough, deep cleaning? Everything from the baseboards to ceiling fans have been dusted, wiped, mopped and disinfected. Everything gleams with cleanliness, order, and even the air smells fresh and clean.

It’s visually and emotionally satisfying. And, a tidy environment helps you gain clarity and a palpable sense of rejuvenation.

While cleanliness and order are important in your home, we also need to periodically “dust for cobwebs” within our own energy fields. All kinds of “gunk” related to past traumas, karmic ribbons, psychic wounds, and just general “baggage” can drag us down into the doldrums if we’re not careful.

This is why in addition to offering individual, in depth readings, I’m excited to tell you about a brand new service I’m launching – to regularly clear your energy field, home, even family and pets from “spiritual debris” that can weigh you down and keep you from living your best life.

And the best part? I can do it all remotely, without you having to pick up the phone or invest any time at all like you would a regular reading.

It’s called “OM,” which stands for “Ongoing Maintenance.” The Heavenly vibration of the ancient word “OM” is the perfect way to describe both my intention and the increased peace and calm  you’ll feel by subscribing to this service.

As a Spiritual Practitioner for many years, I’ve seen the need for a service such as OM, and yet there are hardly any qualified and well-intentioned professionals doing it. I want to change that, so my clients can have that same “breath of fresh air” they feel after a regular reading – every day!

It’s vital to clear your energy as much as you can. In order to raise our vibrations, we must eliminate the forces that are holding our energy down. It’s as important as taking a shower. We go out in the world picking up on other people’s psychic, emotional, and karmic rubbish sometimes without even realizing it (this is especially true if you have empathic capabilities).

During my energy clearings, I look at your body as a whole. I help by connecting it to a higher power to come back into harmonic balance. By plugging into the crystalline center of the earth, I pick up sonic tones and vibrations. This creates a beautiful clearing frequency, echoing through every level, layer and dimension of your being. Holding this space for you, I clear and reorganize your energy field, allowing dynamic changes to take place in your harmonics. This occurs whether you are consciously or unconsciously aware, but I promise your life will become more aligned, light, grounded, free from unhealthy emotions and beliefs, clear minded and balanced. 

With OM, there are three choices available to help keep your energy clear and vibrating at its highest frequency: monthly, weekly and daily. Once you are signed up in our OM family, you will receive clearings on your person, home, business, family and pets. As mentioned above, I do this remotely, so you can enjoy all the benefits of a thorough energy clearing without any inconvenience or time set aside for this purpose.

To learn more about OM and the more granular type of energy clearing it brings, please go here. You may also sign up at whichever level you choose, or change levels depending upon your individual needs or circumstances.


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