How to Stay Centered in a Chaotic World

How to Stay Centered in a Chaotic World

Hey OM Family!

The world has been a roller coaster the last couple of years, without question.

And while 2022 might feel a bit more hopeful than last year or the year before… there is still a great deal of restlessness and unease in almost every aspect of life.

So, what can you do to feel more centered, calm, and grounded in days like these?

There are quite a few things, actually. 

To keep things simple, I’ve listed 5 things you can do right now to help you take your power back:

  1. Rest. Most importantly, get some sleep. Aim for 8 hours if you can. Learn to wind down an hour before bedtime, putting away your phone and shutting off the TV. Drink herbal tea or read to help induce a peaceful, restorative slumber.
  2. Meditate. A practice that requires just a little bit of your time can work wonders for your sense of wellbeing, mindfulness, and focus. Use a meditation app, or feel free to check out some of my free meditations here.
  3. Breathe. Get fresh air into your lungs! Be active outside with a brisk walk or even a good run. Concentrate on your breathing to calm your nerves, increase your oxygen levels, and to restore your body’s natural, calm cadence.
  4. Act. The events happening in the world may feel deeply disturbing to you. It’s okay to be upset, but give that energy somewhere to go. Volunteer, get involved, and stop sitting on the sidelines feeling helpless. The world needs lightworkers!
  5. Release. Let go of things and people who do not resonate with you. We are all on different paths. It’s okay to walk away, disengage, and release relationships and situations who no longer serve your highest purpose. 

Another thing that can help you achieve greater peace?

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In light & love,


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