How Gratitude Helps to Attract Miracles

How Gratitude Helps to Attract Miracles

Hey OM Family,

Did you know there’s a simple way to attract more positivity and miracles in your life?

It’s practicing gratitude.

Even if you’re going through certain challenges, focusing on the good in your life will help raise your vibration and naturally make you a magnet for better fortune.

Gratitude is so powerful, it actually can help influence your brain chemistry! Researchers have found that expressing gratitude can help raise your “feel good” transmitters serotonin and dopamine.

The result is a feeling of wellbeing and calm, and that for the moment, all is right in your world.

So in the physical sense, gratitude is powerful medicine.

And not surprisingly, it’s even more effective at creating a positive ripple effect in the spiritual realm.

Genuinely felt and expressed gratitude vibrates at an astonishing 540 mHz, the same vibration as love. Because of this, your gratitude becomes like a beacon for more good things to come your way.

If you’re wondering how you can put this into practice, please check out my free “Gratitude Meditation” video here

You can also keep a gratitude journal or write a letter of thanks to the Universe every morning. 

Simply pick 3 things you’re grateful for that day, bask in the feeling of love and thanks, and then release that energy into the world around you.

Choosing gratitude over bitterness will help you manifest little and big miracles into your life, just by making the decision to stay in high vibration over low.

Because despite our problems and stress (which we all have) we also have free will. To banish negativity and embrace love.

You also help the people around you to feel calmer and more peaceful by maximizing your frequency… to resonate kindness, love and thankfulness is to be of service to others.

Another way you can shift your thinking into a gratitude mindset is to explore an OM subscription here. I can help you stay in your highest vibration — your signature frequency — to help you live your best, most authentic life.

Feel free to book an OM discovery call with me, or contact me through my DMs on Facebook or Instagram.

And remember to be grateful for YOU… because you are a walking, breathing miracle in and of yourself. 

In gratitude (and light & love),


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