Grounding your soul to the earth

Grounding your soul to the earth

Hey OM Family,

Have you ever felt completely out of place here on this planet?

Like you don’t belong, or don’t understand why you are here?

On a spiritual level, this completely makes sense. Our true home is in the Spirit Realm, or Heaven, or whatever you’d like to call it.

We are spirits in physical bodies here to learn and grow. We are not just biological blobs of bone and tissue, walking around hopelessly trying to find meaning in our existence.

And, as we are spiritual beings, our longings for home – especially if we are psychically sensitive – can be fierce. 

We can feel lost, out of place, and anything but grounded.

The fact remains, though, that we came to Earth by choice, to learn and evolve (even if it involves pain, which it inevitably does). We have a purpose here, and we agreed before we incarnated to see it through to its completion.

So, it isn’t farfetched to understand the duality of yearning for home – as in “Heaven” – and desiring to fulfill the destiny we were meant to while here on the physical plane.

This is why the 11th step of OM is so powerful. I energetically ground your soul back into your body and connect it with Mother earth, while reinvigorating your inner fire to pursue your Divinely chosen purpose – and fulfilling your karmic obligations in the process.

Think of your lifetime here as a long weekend away from your perfect home… that way, you can make the most of your time here – while you ARE here.

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In light and love,


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