Gratitude for Source

Gratitude for Source

Hey OM Family!
Did you know that one of the strongest magnets for positivity in the Universe is gratitude?

It’s almost like saying, “Thank you so much for my blessings. I am so grateful for the happiness they have given me. I am ready to receive even more.”

If you think about it, it kind of makes sense, right?

Because until we are truly grateful for what we have, we are giving the Universe signals we aren’t yet ready to receive additional gifts.

Sometimes, emotions can cloud our ability to give thanks.

If we are suffering, or blue, or maybe just in a momentary funk, we may feel bitterness, melancholy or resentment, not gratitude.

And it’s okay to be or feel all those things, as we are human. It’s counter-productive to stay in those states for longer than we need to experience and then let go of those emotions.

This is where the 14th step of OM really shines.

In this step of the OM Energy Clearing process, I express deep, meaningful gratitude to Source, letting its high vibration reverberate and come back to you as a Divinely magnified tidal wave of unconditional, all encompassing love.

The result is that negative emotions influencing your progress in life are washed away by the loving echo of Source, and more blessings are attracted to your life.

To experience this kind of gratitude and peace, please visit my OM subscription page to discover more and choose the level of service that fits your needs.

Sending you light and love,


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