Giving Thanks for Returned Soul Shards

Giving Thanks for Returned Soul Shards

Hey OM Family,

In a continuation from my last blog post, I want to expand on what happens when Soul Shards are reintegrated into your Spirit Body and how that fits into the 32nd step of my OM Energy Clearing Process.

When Soul Shards, created by significant trauma, return to the Spirit (or Soul) Body, it’s like a jigsaw puzzle piece being fused magnetically into a greater spiritual picture. To help these Soul Shards bring healing upon their return, I give thanks to Source for calling these precious fragments home, and the vibration of that gratitude reverberates, attracting joy, peace and calm.

The result is a feeling like you are once again whole, as the Universe always meant you to be. Mentally you can focus better, as you don’t feel pieces of yourself being scattered to the wind. Nothing is missing, and you can once again rededicate yourself to your Divinely-appointed purpose for this lifetime.

Think of it this way… if your soul is like a mirror, when it shatters due to trauma (in an act of spiritual preservation) then the reintegration and healing process is akin to playing a film of that shattering in reverse. All the pieces go back together, and once again the picture of your Spiritual Being is complete.

Once reintegration is complete, you’ll feel more at peace, less restless, and way more focused. If you’d like to find out more about Soul Shards or OM in general, please use the contact form here to schedule a free 15 minute OM discovery call with me. 

Sending you light and love,



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