Filled With White Light & Christ Consciousness

Filled With White Light & Christ Consciousness

Have you ever felt the Divine as a physical sensation?

Some people say it feels like a light touch, the brush of a feather, or even an embrace from an angel’s wings. Others say it feels like a rush of euphoria. Each person has a unique experience, but it is always one of a loving, healing frequency that transcends human understanding.

When we are filled with the Divine white light of Source, there is literally nothing that is negative that can withstand its unconditional love vibration. Feeling this “agape” type of love, along with the calming peace and etheric wisdom of Christ Consciousness, puts your body, mind and soul in their highest meditative state.

That’s why this 42nd step of OM is so special. 

When I am getting close to completing my OM Energy Clearing session for you, I fill your body with Divine white light, allowing its healing glow to be absorbed in every fiber of your being. This white light, paired with the highest Divine knowledge of Christ consciousness, is the perfect way to begin your day in harmony with yourself and the world.

Much of what we experience comes from our own frequency. We attract that which we vibrate too, like our own heavenly song being sent out to the Universe. When we are filled with the Light of Source, we are helping ourselves to act as the Divine beings we are, with love, compassion, and purpose.

You can experience calm and peace in our uncertain world. Would you like to know more? Explore the different subscription levels of OM here, or feel free to schedule a brief OM discovery call with me.

In light and love,


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