Close All Spiritual Portals

Close All Spiritual Portals

Hey OM Family,

You know what they say about houseguests that stay more than 3 days, right?

Well, if you have open portals in your home, your “unwanted guests” could amount to more than your drunk uncle telling awkward jokes at the holiday table.

Because you may not realize it, but there are doorways in your home you can’t see.

These are portals to the spiritual realm and they can allow departed souls, inter-dimensional beings, thought forms, PK manifestations and other types of conscious entities into your space. 

Even if these spirits are totally benign or even benevolent, chances are you’d prefer not to inhabit your home with them.

Your home should be your sacred space to be yourself, share your life with your family, and enjoy your privacy. You don’t need or want any ethereal “looky loos” invading your abode with their unwelcome energy.

We all want to enjoy our homes, not think of them as Grand Central Station!

Sometimes portals are opened consciously with risky tools of divination like ouija boards (definitely not recommended) or sometimes unconsciously, such as a person who may have psychic abilities and unknowingly creates a portal to other dimensions. 

Portals may have been open on the land before your house was built there. Because time doesn’t exist on the other side, the opening of a portal can have occurred very long ago, yet still exist today.

Regardless of how a portal was created, the departed or non-incarnate do not belong in your home, existing alongside you. They have their own evolution to attend to, and somewhere else they need to be. Where is between each conscious entity and Source; but your only concern is making sure the rooms you live most of your life on Earth are clear of unwanted energy.

In my 39th step of the OM Energy Clearing Process, I “escort” beings who don’t belong in your space back to the portals they entered through, and then seal those portals. If you’ve had “unwanted guests” that wouldn’t leave, your home will feel much lighter and brighter afterward.  

I should make it clear there are Divine beings such as your Guides or Angels that are always around you and are meant to stay in your physical space to help you during your lifetime. However, random earth-bound spirits are not in that category.

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