Breaking Negative Ancestral Bonds

Hey OM Family,

In this OM Blog post, I’ll be talking about the second step I go through during an OM Energy Clearing Session, which involves removing ancestral curses or bonds that can negatively affect you in the present day. Even ancestors that you probably never knew of, or who lived hundreds of years ago, can have done things that resonate negatively across the spans of time (even though linear time is itself an illusion).

Residual ancestral bonds are like a broken record, playing out in patterns and reverberating down the generational line unless they are severed. Sometimes these are referred to as “generational curses” in holy texts such as The Bible. We can find obvious examples in dysfunctional family patterns like generationally continuous alcoholism, drug addiction, abuse, or estrangement. They are almost like a spiderweb of cyclical evil that can be difficult to escape. 

I think it’s important to point out, of course, that much of what is good about ourselves we may owe to those who’ve gone before, such as our compassion, intelligence, and courage. Many of us will have only the best memories of our grandparents or even great-grandparents. They may very well have been salt of the earth people.

Yet there are those further back in our bloodline who could have committed acts of cruelty or violence, addiction or even poor decisions that can stifle your ability to rise above and create abundance, peace, and to fulfill your Divine purpose. These negative actions can even cause you to feel guilt, shame, or feelings of restlessness without actually knowing why.

With OM Energy Clearing, I tap into any of these repetitive patterns to interrupt them and remove their power over you. The result is a feeling of a true “clean slate” and the ability to actively create the future you want, unencumbered by the sins of your forefathers. Because, no matter what anyone tries to claim, you are NOT responsible for your ancestors actions, no matter how horrendous. You are only responsible for YOU. We can disavow the behavior of those who have gone before, but their sins are theirs alone. 

Would you like to know more about how you can experience a truly “clean slate?” Read about my OM Energy Clearing subscription service, available in 3 levels to suit nearly every budget. Remember, it’s only what you choose to do with your life NOW that matters.


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