Break the Cycle of Negative Thought Forms

Break the Cycle of Negative Thought Forms

Hey OM Family!

You probably already know how powerful your thoughts can be. After all, the energy we give our thoughts to becomes like a magnifying glass. Whether negative or positive, these thoughts can increase in size to take on a life of their own – even as spiritual entities (if fed enough energy over a long period of time).

Our thoughts are tied to our spiritual path, and are part of the lessons we agreed to take part in when we incarnated here. Nevertheless, we want to make sure we are amplifying our positive thoughts and energy patterns, so we don’t get caught in a downward spiral – kind of like a whirlpool of anxiety, dread, and toxic expectation.

Because remember, you are a Divine Being having a physical experience. You are meant to learn key lessons here on Earth, but fear, misery and drudgery are not what Source wants for you as a constant state of being. You were designed to bring joy and light to yourself and others. But this can be hard if you get stuck in a constant, circular rut of false beliefs and self-loathing, which become negative thought forms.

During my 17th step of the OM Energy Clearing process, I break the patterns of negative thought forms to replace them with unconditional “love loops” – like your favorite song on repeat! Think of it as “divine disruption” because you deserve to feel loved, calm, and that anything is possible. Not stuck in a self-imposed prison of low-vibration thought forms that do not reflect light and truth.

To experience freedom from negative thought forms, explore my OM Energy Clearing subscription page and be sure and email me to schedule a free 15 minute chat so I can answer any questions for you!

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