Body and Soul Compatibility

Body and Soul Compatibility

Hey OM Family!

Today I want to talk about something we’ve probably all struggled with – loving ourselves and feeling comfortable – soul and all – in the “skin we’re in.”

Before you incarnated, your soul chose all aspects of your current life – including your body type. Like most souls, you will have experienced a myriad of different kinds of lives and with that, different kinds of bodies.

It isn’t uncommon to feel a profound disconnect between your soul and your body – like you are out of sync. You may not feel comfortable, “at home” or like your body fits your authentic self in some ways.

It may be rooted in a distinct difference in body types between lifetimes, or an extended lapse between your past life and present one.

This chasm between body and soul can be a complicated issue, clouded with layers of conditioning, societal “norms” that are foisted upon us, family and peer pressures, and our overall mental health.

But in terms of spiritual growth, we can feel at home and comfortable in our own skin, once the third-dimensional trappings of ego-centric expectations are removed.

This is where OM Energy Clearing comes in – and specifically, the 13th step of my process.

During this step, I bring back compatibility between your body and soul, to enable you to feel energized and at peace with the vehicle you chose before you were born to live this life.

Your body is made in the image of God – or Source if you prefer – and it’s a Divine Temple worthy of respect. As human beings, we all will have characteristics of our bodies we perceive as “flaws” but these are actually features that make us uniquely individual – and beautiful in our own way.

Loving our bodies, as well as our souls, takes practice. And a bit of help with services like OM. To find out how OM can help you bridge the gap between your body and soul, visit my subscription page here.

Sending you light and love,


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