Balancing Tones of Body, Mind, & Spirit

Balancing Tones of Body, Mind, & Spirit

Hey OM Family,

In a continuation from my last blog post, I wanted to dive a little deeper into what it means to balance tones of your “existential trifecta.”

This would be your physical body, which is like your Divine Temple, your mind, which is your inner universe and the vessel that holds your memories, and your spirit, which is your true essence and the eternal part of you.

In my previous blog I talked about fine tuning your frequency, which is like your own harmonic signature. However, within your frequency are tones of these three sacred spaces which make up your life - body, mind & spirit.

In my 34th step of OM, I act as a metaphysical “tuning fork” to help balance the unique tones of all three aspects of your being, to have each one work in Divine harmony with each other. The result is you feel lighter, brighter, and without any part of yourself feeling as though it’s “singing off key.”

To learn more about OM, or to have your questions answered in depth, contact me here. I can communicate with you via email, DMs on social, or even schedule a 15 minute discovery call. I am here to help you “fine tune” your energy with OM!

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