Balancing Light and Sound Bodies

Balancing Light and Sound Bodies

Hey OM Family,

Some people are born with amazing musical talent. Most of us love music, from classical to country and everything in between.

Our whole life has a soundtrack and a song we relate to important milestones and memories. 

That first crush or breakup? It was probably a rock ballad we still have on our playlist. You and your partner’s favorite song? Its power can inspire reconciliation after an argument or hot romance on your anniversary.

An epic guitar riff, an operatic solo, or stirring national anthem can take us back to the innocence of our youth, move us to tears, or make our hearts swell with patriotic pride. 

This might be surprising to you, but did you know that you are also a Divine instrument?

You have a frequency that is all your own, like a personal melody unique to your soul that resonates throughout the Universe. 

Normally, our frequency vibrates in a range from about 62-72 Mhz, which measures electro-magnetic waves.

If your personal Mhz is too slow, or too fast, this disturbance to your vibrational current can create physical and emotional disharmony - manifesting as discomfort or even illness.

During my 33rd step of OM, I become like an orchestra conductor, fine-tuning your light & sound bodies which resonate your frequency. The result is that your body’s “heavenly choir” is once again singing in glorious harmony, lifting your consciousness and bringing all aspects of your Source-designed vibration back into alignment.

To find out how you can experience a “finely-tuned” energy throughout your life, click here to explore my OM Energy Clearing subscription  levels or schedule an OM discovery call with me.

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