Balance Universal Energy Within You

Balance Universal Energy Within You

Hey OM Family,

Just like the Earth, you are elemental and a force of nature all on your own. In some ways, you are an entire universe within a person. 

Our thoughts, feelings, and energy orbit much like celestial bodies, having cycles and seasons that usually remain in harmonious cadence with one another.

And just like the Earth, you have dualities and polarities residing within you. Sometimes these energies – kind of like yin and yang – are in balance; other times they may seem like they’re at odds with one another.

Because you possess magnets as well, this Universal Energy becomes amplified as it takes up more space within your personal spiritual fields.

Light and dark coexist, and it is the same for us. Nature abhors a vacuum, which happens when too much of one kind of energy dominates a space – at least in the physical realm. When an imbalance of universal energy occurs, you can feel more than just “out of whack,” you can be depressed, lethargic, or on the opposite end, anxious or manic. Anything but balanced.

During the 16th step of my OM Energy Clearing process, I bring your Universal Energy back into balance – kind of like using a Divine tuning fork. The result is that you feel at peace with the Universe and yourself, and can focus on the more important tasks at hand.

Are you feeling perpetually out of balance? I can help. Check out the difference levels of my OM Energy Clearing subscription service to feel back in balance and control of your life.

Sending you light and love,


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