Aura colors

Aura colors

Hey OM Family,

Of all the planets that exist in the Heavens, Saturn has to be one of the most beautiful. Her famous rings have inspired awe and wonder for millennia.

Did you know that we have our own energy field “rings,” just like Saturn? Although ours are more vivid and brilliant, if we are in a balanced, peaceful state.

In this latest OM blog post, I will discuss the 6th step of my OM Energy Clearing process, and how removing negative psychic debris can ensure your aura’s colors shine through in an infinite spectrum of bold, bright hues that reflect your inner being.

So, what is your “aura?” 

Your aura refers to the colors that make up your energy field emanating from and surrounding your physical body. When you are feeling most like your true self, your aura colors are brilliantly ablaze in every color of the rainbow. 

Each of us have primary and secondary aura colors that reflect our personalities, much in the same way as our astrological signs. 

Through our experiences in life, we may suffer a tear in the fabric of our aura, or our colors become muddled by psychic debris, low vibration energies, or trauma. When I go through my sixth step of OM, I reach into your aura field to repair any injury and remove all the spiritual or psychological “crud” dulling the glow of your unique personal spectrum of light.

You have the right to shine brightly in this lifetime, and don’t need to let anyone or anything dim your aura’s sublime radiance. To help you keep your colors brilliant and true, be sure to check out my OM subscription packages here

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