Ask for Divine Protection

Ask for Divine Protection

Hey OM Family,

Have you ever had the sensation of otherworldly protection?

Maybe it was a near-miss accident you avoided, a relationship you chose not to pursue, or a business proposition you declined that later proved to be the right decision?

Something inside kept you from getting in the car that day, accepting that second date, or signing on that dotted line.

While you always have free will as a Divine Being, when you pray, meditate, or ask for spiritual guidance or intervention, you invoke powerful forces to come to your aid.

One of the secrets of the universe is that in order to help you, Divine helpers must be asked to intervene. It’s to honor your soul’s sacred sovereignty given to you by Source. 

Now it goes without saying that we will all experience difficult things in life. These are events you agreed to before you incarnated to advance your soul’s evolution. Even from a purely psychological perspective, we have to face certain hardships in order to grow and achieve a greater understanding of ourselves.

But the unseen spiritual realm is ready and willing to help us on our earthly journey through our Spirit Guides, Guardian and Arch Angels, and even our ancestors when we ask for their Divine help.

In my 41st step of OM Energy Clearing, I ask your Guides and Angels to protect and heal your person, body, and home from negative entities and influences. These spiritual helpers act as Divine shields against any and all nefarious energies sent or perhaps opportunistically trying to cause mischief or harm.

The result is that you naturally vibrate at your highest signature frequency, without interference from low-vibration energies to foul up your life’s chosen purpose. Which means a happier and more peaceful life for you.

Are you ready to achieve more peace and calm? Let me help you discover the magic of OM through a brief discovery call, or check out what other subscribers have to say through their video testimonials here.

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