Aligning the Body with its Divine Blueprint

Aligning the Body with its Divine Blueprint

Hey OM Family,

Did you know that Source created a special blueprint unique to you, just for this lifetime?

It not only includes your soul, but your mind and body, too.

Because just like a physical structure, having a Divine blueprint for your life helps you feel most aligned for that which you were created.

When it comes to your physical being, you are a wondrous creation. You have your own, exclusive to you chemistry, functionality, and likes/dislikes. 

You may thrive more on certain foods than others, certain exercises, and in an environment that is unique to you. 

The way Source created each and every one of us, there is no “right” or “wrong” answer to how we should live, as long as we strive for our highest good and vibration and do no harm.

For example, you may love salads and vegan cuisine, while your partner digs a paleo type of eating plan. You may love yoga and your friend loves an early morning run. You may crave the solitude of a rural community, while your sibling lives for the hustle and bustle of urban life. 

Your body, the house in which your mind and soul reside, has its own frequency, signature, and living cadence. When it’s aligned with these all important elements outlined in your Divine blueprint, you feel unstoppable. You are on track to achieve your dreams because you are working with the way you were designed, not against it.

In my 35th step of OM, I release you from false beliefs or forced energy that “derails” your true alignment to your Source-designed blueprint. You are here to be fully authentic, and live in joy. Yes, we all learn lessons, and sometimes painful ones... but your journey was meant to be enjoyed.

Would you like to feel “back on track?” I can certainly help. Explore all the levels of OM Energy Clearing here, or feel free to schedule a 15 OM discovery call with me to find out more.

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